This beautifully bizarre version of a fireside story imagines a kingdom of enchanted games and colourful characters.
A princess kisses a prince, but to her surprise, he turns into a Frog.
Leaping into a Lily Pond, our hero falls in love with an exquisite flower.
Brushed by the wings of a Magic Butterfly, the princess’s beloved toy Teddy Bear transforms into a real-life bear, who escapes to the forest. High above the tree-tops, he sees an enchanted Giraffe, whose neck grows longer and longer every day until her head is in the clouds. Nearby lies the ancient castle of the Cross Crest, where the prince’s mother, the Gambling Queen, risks her fortune on a game of cards.
We believe princesses are not born; they are self-made.
Even princesses need protection from bad luck, so to keep our heroines safe they are always surrounded by powerful talismans.

This topsy-turvy tale is a myth of many colours. We encourage our princesses to embrace their destinies through our magical and colourful collection.