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Two friends, Begüm and artist Ali Elmacı, who always go beyond the usual norms in their works, collided their worlds together for Pilevneli Gallery.

The roses and dogs that Ali frequently uses in his works came to life in Begüm Khan's fascinating fauna & flora. This ten piece ‘’limited edition’’ necklace encrusted with root rubies, aquamarines, peridots and amethysts is getting ready to meet the audience this Saturday, January 14th.



24 K Plated Bronze Encrusted with Root Ruby, Root Aquamarine, Root Peridot, Root Amethyst



Located in Istanbul’s historical district of Dolapdere, PILEVNELI opened its doors with Johan Creten’s solo exhibition titled “Between Day and Dream” in 2017. The gallery, founded by Murat Pilevneli, conveys a fresh new spirit with an international perspective to the contemporary art scene of Istanbul and the region. Focused on contemporary art, PILEVNELI carries a body of local and international artists who are unique and consistent in their practice.

The gallery building, designed by the renowned architect Emre Arolat, has a 1,500 square meter exhibition space. The five-story gallery, as an instance of revitalization, is one of the first examples of cultural and art-oriented urban transformations in the Dolapdere region. In 2018, the building of PILEVNELI gained eligibility for the shortlist in the category of culture at the World Architecture Festival.



Ali Elmacı graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University with a BA degree in Painting.

His works major on criticism of rulership, media, power, social patterns and popular culture which are put forth with a contemporary interpretation to classical painting. Comprised mainly of painting, in recent years drawings, video and sculptures have been added to his portfolio. Elmacı's extensively colorful works filled with glamorous and fantasy-like elements, give the audience a dramatic interpretation of societal or personal situations while caricaturizing forms. As the artist states, his works presented in series in which he 'depicts the ugly', is loaded with dramatic irony of today's world in its every way. Ali Elmacı works and lives in Istanbul. His latest exhibition “Kiss my lips, dagger my heart” can be seen from 14th of January until 18th of February at the Pilevneli Gallery.